Quotes from speakers and delegates at StoryDrive Asia 2016



    “Our challenge is to use the deep understanding of how our books connect to cultural networks such as music, food, drink, travel, cars, and fashion, and to harness entirety of people’s economic appetite for our books,”  
  Mr Richard Nash, serial entrepreneur behind Soft Skull Press, Small Demons, Cursor, Red Lemonade, and other ventures  
     “There was great energy and buzz at this year's conference. StoryDrive Asia gave us a terrific overview of trends in publishing and discussions further helped to develop the agenda for the industry in this region,”  
    Mr Peter Schoppert, President, Singapore Book Publishers Association  
    “StoryDrive Asia was a great first! We had excellent feedback from all the participants and speakers. The transmedia theme resonated with everyone at the symposium. We are looking forward to more such activities for the growing Southeast Asian region,”  
    Ms Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of Business Development Asia and Arabic World, Frankfurter Buchmesse  
    “StoryDrive Asia gave me a chance to learn more about the publishing industry from various perspectives and from so many people. There is a lot to learn and digest as we look at the relationship between content and culture for the publishers and their readers.”   
    Attendee Ms Nurhuda Abu Bakar, Senior Manager, Special Projects from the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS)  
    “It was such a great experience. I’ve had a lot of conversations with all these industry movers and shakers. At the panel discussions, not only were the speakers good but the audience was also very knowledgeable and we had a great time sharing information and learning from each other.”  
    Speaker Ms Kate Evangelista, popular romance author from the Philippines  
    “In Myanmar, book stores are facing challenges like low margins and high rentals while publishers are trying to deal with copyright matters and the impact of technology. Our association is always looking for ways to help our members address these challenges. Symposiums like StoryDrive Asia are good for our members as we can learn from the best practices and consider adopting these for our domestic market.”  
    Attendee Mr Myo Aung, General Secretary of Myanmar Publishers and Booksellers Association  
    “I found StoryDrive Asia really interesting for new ideas and concepts. Everyone here, from CEOs of book publishing companies, owners of gaming and movie making companies, was very open and approachable. I would never have met them if I had stayed home in Brisbane this week. To me, business is built on relationships. To do business internationally, I believe that one must travel to these symposiums to meet people, talk to them and establish personal connections. I’m looking forward to the next edition of StoryDrive Asia in 2017!”  
    Attendee Ms Kim McCosker, author and entrepreneur behind Australia’s highly popular 4 Ingredients cookbooks and television series  
    “It was a great conference actually and excellent to visit a new city. From my end everything was excellent, and you know I am always up for these things as I’m really curious to learn more about this region.”  
    Speaker, Michael Bhaskar, Canelo  
    “Thank you so much it was lovely being in Singapore and it was a great conference, very well organized, presenting the most relevant content. I met industry players from all over Southeast Asia and the energy level was amazing.”  
    Rebecka Leffler, Type and Tell / Bonnier Group  
    “Pitching session was fruitful and gives authors an experience how to pitch”  
    “Most of the sessions I attended addressed the possibilities and trends of digital publishing and the role of digital in publishing, which I find is the most relevant to me and the work that I do. The case studies presented were inspiring because it showed me what is possible and what could work for digital storytelling, which is not happening enough in Singapore and Asia. I hope StoryDrive Asia will continue to run yearly and invite more speakers from the West as well as from Asia who can inspire us about digital stories and also to be able to collaborate with us in SG."  
    Wendy Wong/Tutsitala