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Who We Are?


STORYDRIVE ASIA - Enabling content owners to innovate and grow their businesses 



With a population of more than 620 million, the Southeast Asian region remains an under-explored market with huge potential – in the traditional publishing environment and emerging new media industries.

Publishing nowadays knows no fixed structure, no straight forward business models and not even consistent players. Be it for games, films or books, the business of publishing and work with content, has changed significantly over the last few years.

How will stories be told and sold in the future?

More and more players are entering the market, exploring new revenue streams and formats. New job profiles are emerging and new skills are needed to stay relevant in the business of content.

StoryDrive Asia 2017 will give orientation and help to integrate recent developments, new formats, and ideas into existing businesses. It offers a well-balanced combination of highlighting new trends, building a business platform and training. StoryDrive Asia will focus on topics like copyright, licensing, production, and sales, as well as rights trading and new technologies.




Why Attend?



  Tap into cross-media business opportunities in Asia, in particular the Southeast Asian markets 

​  Explore new trends and methods of monetisation through cross-industry collaborations

​  Network with international industry stalwarts to gain insights on dealing with the challenges of a fast-evolving, increasingly convergent media landscape

​  Discover and develop strategies shaping the future of digital, content & media industry

​  Interact with and identify new business partners through the Business Idea and Partner (BIP) programme (open to registered conference delegates only)